Samsung Terrace

Samsung Terrace Outdoorsy TV Launching Soon – See Features

The Samsung Terrace is a smart TV with all the fuzz you’d expect from a high-end Samsung QLED TV: Quantum HDR, Direct Full Array 16X local dimming, Quantum Dot color tech, and AI-enhanced 4K upscaling.

Never again should you endure barbecuing without quality television. It was launched exactly a week ago.

Features of the Terrace

The terrace is also tuned for the outdoors which means it doesn’t mind a little rain. It is equipped with 2,000+ nits of brightness, which should improve visibility in direct sunlight, and an IP55 water and dust resistance rating.Samsung Terrace

In addition, the Terrace also has Samsung’s anti-reflection tech which also improves visibility in sunlight. It comes in three size: 55, 65 and 75 inches. Its simple design makes it a perfect candidate for wall-mounting.

The Samsung Terrace Soundbar

It gets better, the electronics company, Samsung also launched an accompanying soundbar, known as the Terrace Soundbar. This shares the TV’s IP55 weather resistance and offers a woofer-powered sound that’s tuned for the outdoors.

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Understandably though, if you do decide to furnish your home, Terrace or balcony with this weatherproof TV, it’ll cost you quite a bit more than a “regular” Samsung TV.

The 55-inch variant of the Terrace costs $3,455, while the 65-inch version costs $4,999.The 75-inch variant is tagged at $6,499.The Terrace Soundbar will cost you $1,199.99.

All of these devices have already launched in the U.S. and Canada and you can be pre-order now on Samsung’s website. The Terrace ships on June 5, while the Terrace Soundbar has a June 12 shipping date.

Samsung says the Terrace would be coming to Germany, Australia, and New Zealand next, with other regions coming “later this year.”

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