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Things You Need to Know About Facebook Messenger Rooms Review

With the Facebook Messenger Rooms, one wouldn’t have to download different apps or create new accounts and passwords. All that is needed is to start a room, share the link, while others join. Facebook Messenger Rooms review has proved to be a more convenient way to video chat with friends. People have attested to its convenience especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.
The good news is that it is easy to create and you can invite up to 50 people per room, it’s free to use and no time limit on rooms.

Using Facebook Messenger Rooms is like using Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams. Just as Zoom, you need to send a URL to begin a session with your invitees, though your invitees don’t need to have a Facebook account.

Facebook Messenger Rooms allows one to also switch between viewing modes and share screens, and If you’re calling in from the mobile app, you can play with some fun and quirky filters.Facebook messenger rooms

One doesn’t have to ask friends to download specific apps, log into accounts, or put passwords. All that is required is to create a Room and drop a link.

How to use Facebook Messenger Rooms

Well, we have different ways to do it. If you’re using Facebook on desktop, lookup, at the top of your News Feed you will see the option “Create Your Room”.

Within minutes you are done and it takes only a few steps to create a room. Now, fill in information like “Room activity.” You can customize the meeting’s purpose or pick from options like Happy Hour, TGIF, Trying Rooms Bored at Home, and more.

It’s worthy to note that when it has to do with who you can invite, there is the option to click “Friends,” which means that literally, anyone on your friend’s list can join in. Once the room is created, they’ll see it at the top of their News Feed and can click to join in from there.

However, there is also the option to, “Invite Specific Friends.” So ones you are not sure who you want to invite yet, or the person you want to invite is not on Facebook, you can skip this step and go for a shareable link instead. By do doing this, you can just message the link and the friend can click on it to join in.

The next step is to select a date and time. you can pick a future date on the calendar and the exact start time you will be able to send the invite out to friends.

But Facebook Messenger Room doesn’t let you add the invite to third-party calendar apps but you can adjust your Settings to sync all your Facebook events to your preferred calendar. The next stage is to start the video chat. Just select “Now” as the start time.

But for those using Messenger on desktop, all they have to do to start a room is to click on the camera icon in the right-hand corner and then click “Join as (insert your Facebook name).” If its the Messenger on mobile, then you’ll find the option to start a room under the “People” tab.

Just know that anytime you are ready to start a chat, whether you’ve started a room through Facebook or Messenger, press Join at the bottom of the display to enter.

Features of Facebook Messenger Rooms

Even though no Facebook account is needed to use Rooms, you also wouldn’t need to download any of the Facebook’s apps to use it. As such, when one clicks on the link to join, it will now open a web browser instead.

But in a situation you want to use one of the apps, you will have to download Messenger and link it to your Facebook account.

When your invitees begin to join the call, you will see them in the tile view automatically, and your window will be at the bottom. If You so wish, you can also switch it so that everyone’s tiles appear on the left side of the screen and whoever is talking appears in the middle.

It is interesting to know that when you place your cursor over someone’s tile, you can message them privately or view their Facebook profile.

Another thing about this Rooms you need to know is If you’re planning a movie or a game night, simply share your screen or if you like, pin a specific person’s window so that it’s kept front and center at all times.

Note there is a feature in Facebook Messenger Room that enables one to lock the room from others when the invitees have all joined. Just toggle the on and off feature to keep anyone else from joining. Locking the room will help you keep Intruders off the room.

On Rooms, expect Facebook to collect your meta-data I.e pieces of information like who you’re speaking with, when, and how often. And there’s no end-to-end encryption on the calls.

More on FB Messenger Room

Have it in mind that unlike Zoom that requires using a password to enter a locked room, Messenger Rooms don’t have a password for protection, hence, once all the invitees join, you may need to lock the room.

Also, Messenger Rooms give users unlimited time to chat, we are glad that Zoom has improved on this because it’s option was 40mins for a session making users to always go through the stress of being disconnected after 40mins and in other to continue they will have to join again using a different link and password. But it’s glad to know that they have upgraded and are giving unlimited time to there users depending.

On Messenger Rooms, you can add different filters, backgrounds, or lighting effects. Note that this feature is only available on the Messenger app. It uses the pre-set filters that are already baked in, so when you join a call, you’ll be able to click on a smiley face icon in your window and then scroll through all of the different options around your face. Even when you can’t add your own, the way Zoom enables you to, one can still have some fun with it.

Be rest assured that with Messenger Rooms, you can get many friends together within a twinkle of an eye through video conference. Remember that it has the capacity to share screens, switch viewing modes, and add a great number of people, just like any other video chat tool. So you’re not missing out on any of those necessary features by using it.

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